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Queer Beer

Queer Beer International Stammtisch

International LGBT Stammtisch

QB Munich (Queer Beer Munich) is the oldest of the queer beer events having started in September 2008 and is still as vibrant, international and welcoming as it has been from the very start.  The event is a monthly evening of beer; chat and good company that takes place on the first Friday of every month for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered people from Munich's international communities.

The original idea for QB Munich, and indeed the whole queer beer movement, came from the experience of several gay expats.  Munich is a truly beautiful city but sometimes it can be hard to crack in to the local scene, particularly if your German isn't fluent.  We formed QB Munich to foster a community of international LGBT living in Munich that would act as a friendly group for new people in Munich to tap into.  On most nights we get a significant turnout made up of our regulars, some of which were there at the very first event, and a good few newcomers and visitors.  Although the group started as an English LGBT Stammisch we actually have people from all over the world now including people from every continent apart from Antarctica!

So, are you gay, lesbian bisexual or transgendered, new in Munich and feeling a little lost?  Or have you been here a while and would just like to keep up with friends?  Or maybe you just want to practice your English with other like-minded individuals?

Whaever your situation you will be more than welcome to join us then.  All ages, genders, nationalities and sexualities welcome!

The evening officially starts at 8PM, but things generally don't get going until around 9PM.  However, we recommend that newcomers try to get there earlier rather than later.  That way we can introduce you to people as they arrive and generally you will get more out of the evening that way.

So what are you waiting for, come along and join us!


When & Where

Every first Friday at 8PM at varying locations.

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